Practically Perfect


A Show to No One
(performers Alexandra Pickford & Vicki Hearne)

Do you ever feel that you have reached the limit in trying to prove your worth?  This satirical duet explores the themes of being under appreciated and overlooked from a woman’s perspective.

Dates for the live work coming soon.

(performers Alexandra Pickford, Kay Oliver, Julia Thorneycroft, Wina Lewis, Ania Varez, Vicki Hearne, Polly Franks
music by Cam Crook)

Touring – Spring 2019 (dates & ticket info announced Autumn 2018)

Women-Wise is a diversely moving and entertaining piece of dance theatre. The work was created using true stories about women’s mental health from women’s groups in Bristol. The work is also informed by the individual stories from the performers. Women-Wise pulls apart and dissects what it is to live with lack of confidence and low-self esteem, what are the causes and what are the effects. From starting our period, to the beginning of the menopause, body dysmorphia, depression & anxiety, the gender pay gap and growing older are a few of what Women-Wise explores. Untold Dance Theatre will take you on a journey that any woman is sure to recognise…