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On The Inside

(performers Luke Antysz, Vicki Hearne, Murilo Leite D’Imperio, Kim Noble with music by Cam Crook)

Touring Spring 2022  –

Trinity Centre Bristol – 25th February 2022 (

Bath Spa University – 19th March 2022 (

EnableUs Festival, Sheffield – 1st April 2022  (

Harrogate Theatre – 7th April 2022  (


What are the rules, who makes them and how far do you go to break them?
On the Inside is an explosive full-length piece told through striking and visceral dance theatre which touches on humour, pathos and is drawn from true life stories.
The work transports audiences to a dystopian world where four people are trapped inside and forced to live together. Morals and values are thrown out of the window when their true selves being to emerge. How far beyond ‘normal’ can this pressure cooker environment push these people until they break?
Inspired by real life stories of how people coped, managed and survived whilst in isolation as a result of the pandemic.

Ties That Bind
(performers Alexandra Pickford, Kay Oliver, Julia Thorneycroft, Wina Lewis, Kim Noble, Vicki Hearne, Lily Trenchard with music by Cam Crook)

Touring 2019/2020

Premier – 5th October 2019 , 1532 Performing Arts Centre Bristol

ties that bind 1.jpg

Ties That Bind cuts through the familiar facade of every day female bonds – be it familial, romantic or societal.

It can take a lifetime to create these bonds and a second to destroy them.

Shifting quickly between humour and darkness, Ties That Bind seeks to tell 7 women’s stories: absent mothers, wayward daughters, lovers and mind losers.

“How far can we pull at the fragile ties that connect us all?”

Supported by Arts Council England

Women Wise
(performers Alexandra Pickford, Kay Oliver, Julia Thorneycroft, Wina Lewis, Kim Noble, Vicki Hearne, Lily Trenchard with music by Cam Crook)

“I came to Harrogate Theatre on the 21st Feb really not knowing what to expect and came away so moved and uplifted and inspired. Your performance of Women-Wise was beautiful, intense, sad, funny, POWERFUL! I wanted to be up there with you. I was up there with you!”  (Audience member 2019)

Women-Wise is a diversely moving and entertaining piece of dance theatre. The work was created using true stories about women’s mental health from women’s groups in Bristol. The work is also informed by the individual stories from the performers. Women-Wise pulls apart and dissects what it is to live with lack of confidence and low-self esteem, what are the causes and what are the effects. From starting our period, to the beginning of the menopause, body dysmorphia, depression & anxiety, the gender pay gap and growing older are a few of what Women-Wise explores. Untold Dance Theatre will take you on a journey that any woman is sure to recognise…

Supported by Arts Council England

Touring –

Barnsley Civic – 11th March 2022

Spring Tour 2019 :
Luton Library Theatre
Harrogate Theatre
Acorn Theatre
Edge Hill University

Previous Performances:
Resolution! 2018
Watch This Space 2018
Trinity Centre Bristol 2017

A Show to No One (Dance Film)
(performers Alexandra Pickford & Vicki Hearne)

Do you ever feel that you have reached the limit in trying to prove your worth?  This satirical duet explores the themes of being under appreciated and overlooked from a woman’s perspective.